Understand. Value. Manage.

Holistic approach

Droople solves the biggest challenges of water management

Meter to Cash

costs 22 $BN per year for utilities

Grid leakage

leads to 16 $BN Non Revenue Water per year


In-House leaks

cause 30 $BN insurance cost per year

Average billing

leads to 20% water and related energy waste

UnderstandValue. Manage

You can’t change what you can’t measure.

Droople enables smart data thanks to our retrofit devices placed at the edge of the water grid, or at the relevant points of any water driven system.

Thanks to our AI embedded devices and fog computing architecture, every device knows its task, collaborates with each other independently, bringing resilience to a new level. 



Transparency and insights on water and energy usage patterns ensure that the existing infrastructure is operated efficiently, waste is minimized and investment is focused on the priorities. 

With our retrofit solutions, we enable any business to accelerate its digital transformation. 



Thanks to our unique AI secret touch, Droople provides utilities, businesses and communities with actionnable insights and smart services like leak detection and localisation, asset management, predictive maintenance and demand management. 

Covering the water grid and beyond, we bring value to the water ecosystem.